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Cadet Nostrils

Cadet Jennifer HaileySTARGATE 4.19 "Prodigy"

FRI, 15:29: Why can't I stop being distracted by her oversized nostrils? #Stargate #Prodigy
FRI, 15:47: Angry fireflies + Dr. Bill Lee + Cadet Nostrils = USAF female recruitment agitprop #Stargate

FRI, 19:10: RT @jgem87: I wish Dr. Bettina Fairchild was my
Dr. Bettina Fairlchild

FRI, 11:50: Community importing is live at @dreamwidth
DreamWidth logo OMG At first they said it couldn't be done because of intellectual property issues, but OpenID seems to be the solution to giving people control over their content. WIN!!!!!
  • FRI, 14:21: RT @CarrieFFisher: My friend went to St. Barts and all she got was an unsaintly vaginal infection. I am going to have t-shirts made.
  • FRI, 15:07: RT @aboleyn: @TheBloggess I dare you to stand up and yell "I've had enough of these mother effing zombies on this mother effing plane."
  • FRI, 18:37: RT @HortonRemstead: Oh my GOD wrestling is SO FREAKING DUMB
  • FRI, 19:01: RT @HortonRemstead: I am not being flippant when I say this bit of the wrestling is GAY......look at it, it's so gay......
  • FRI, 12:26: RT @Change: BREAKING: CNN just read statement from Verizon CEO that they respect consumer feedback and are dropping the $2 fee.
Tags: dreamwidth, farscape, stargate sg-1, twitter
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