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Vala's Handcuff Panties (NSFW; backside nudity)

Title: Vala's Handcuff Panties
Pairing: Daniel/Vala
Rating: R/Mature
Warnings: backside nudity Inspired by my Google search for the novelty underwear mentioned in the Daniel/Vala story Mardi Gras Mambo by spacegypsy1.

Vala un-cuffs Daniel
There's a bare backside BEHIND the cut; don't get fired for surfing slightly naughty content at work...
Manip Meta
1. Inspired by spacegypsy1's Daniel/Vala story "Mardi Grad Mambo" where Vala proclaims to Daniel that she's wearing panties fastened by tiny handcuff clasps, I conducted a Google Image search for 'handcuff panties' and found this image.

2. Using (a reverse image search engine) I found the source image. airbrushed ass

3. I browsed through my thousands of SG-1 screengrabs and found a Vala face that matched the profile of the source image & also had an appropriate facial expression in Counterstrike. coy Vala

4. Because the image was dark, I bumped up the exposure to see more of the detail. lightened screengrab

5. Selected the head & knocked out the background.

6. Mai hed is pastede on yay. Temporarily reduced layer transparency to blend in the hairline. layer opacity

7. Googled 'bedroom night' for a background.
night bedroom

8. Vala can haz Daniel plz? Googled 'man kneeling' & found this.
cold wet beach man

9. Found the right profile & expression for Daniel in Family Ties. Disturbingly, that's the face he made when looking at Jacek.
Cam & Daniel visit Jacek

10. The framed picture on the wall [see #7] depicts an unknown mother & baby who don't resemble any canonical SG-1 characters, so I had to replace it with an image that Daniel would be likely to have hanging as décor. A Tibetan war mask or Japanese No mask would be too creepy, so I went with the pyramids at Giza, which appear on the back cover of Continuum!Daniel's book The Truth About the Pyramids.
Giza pyramids
11. Using a tutorial [personal profile] magnavox_23 showed me, I applied an Instragram filter effect to give it a more stylized, vintage look.
vintage Giza
12. Vala, Daniel & Giza pyramids pasted in.
early draft

13. Daniel's eyeline is off, and Vala wouldn't be able to stand on the mattress like that without her feet apart & an indentation in the bedding that I lack the skill to draw, so I decided to find a plausible elevated surface to stand her on. A chair would be too low, so I went with a nightstand. nightstand

14. Had to get rid of the plant & add a shadow beneath her feet. Adjusted color & light levels to unite the elements & minimize the "this looks 'Shopped" obviousness. Adding distance between the figures gives the composition more balance, and enhances the narrative tension between the figures. Also solves the problem with Daniel's eyeline. (I must've reversed the angle a dozen times throughout the manip-making process until I settled on the final version.)
blurred background

Am not 100% satisfied with the angles of lighting on the figures because there's a toplight shining down on Daniel's hair, and Vala's perfect backside is illuminated from the viewer's position. Adding in the 'memory' of Vala un-cuffing Daniel in 'The Ties That Bind' distracts from the toplight, and the butt-zoom fills in the empty space in the center -- narrative but cheesy elements. It looks like the wall sconce is holographically projecting Vala's G-string LOL. Science fiction!
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Tags: daniel jackson, fanart, manip, stargate, vala mal doran
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