June 5th, 2010


META: Character Bashing Gives Me Rage

Wednesday was a long day at work; I was finally at home, decompressing, reading some hot Daniel/Vala smut... and then after leaving a review, I got the notion to try something new: a Daniel/Sam story.

Because I don't 'ship Daniel & Sam, I wanted to gain insight into their relationship dynamic from another segment of the Stargate fandom. What is it about their interaction that I might be missing? Because when I see MS & AT in scenes together, their body language is the same as my body language around my brother. Have I been projecting my perceptions as an older sister onto Sam's character? I wanted to see if the Daniel/Sam fandom handily destroys the fanon of Sam & Daniel as "just like brother & sister".
Amanda kisses Michael

And now I'm pissed: there's Vala-bashing in the Sam/Daniel story.
Vala [....] could tell that something was up. It didn’t take her long to notice the furtive glances. The close proximity. Even the occasional drifting hand under the commissary tables. At first she was angry. This blonde harlot stole HER Daniel away. But as she watched them, she knew that Daniel was never really hers. And in true Vala fashion, she turned her sights to someone else.

Hello? "True Vala fashion" would be for Vala to ask if she could join them in a threesome. Vala doesn't think of Sam as a "harlot"; in fact, she respects Sam's authority as a leader (see "The Uninvited") and spends time shopping and drinking with her ("Family Ties").

Why does an author need to bash a character for the sake of focusing on their fave OTP? WTF???!!!!

I don't bash Daniel/Sam in my stories, or any other pairing. In fact, as a multi-shipper, I toss in innuendo for other pairings (Jack/Daniel & Sam/Vala being a couple favorites) because it gives the characterizations more energy and dynamism, and acknowledges the depth of their previous history together.

Anyone have any Sam/Daniel fanfic recs that don't have character bashing? Maybe there should be warnings on 'shipper fics if there's character bashing... LOL. "Sam/Vala antipathy" or something. Because it ruined my evening.