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STARGATE SG-1: fast friends

Have you ever had a friendship where you became close incredibly fast, and felt like you could become even more than friends just as quickly? If so, what did you do? What did your friend do? How did it feel?
multishipper edition

Sized up your future husband
[Screencap (click to open)]flirts

Took a staff blast for your boyfriend
[Screencap (click to open)]staff blast

Adored your Second-in-Command already
[Screencap (click to open)]Jack & Sam

Asked the hot guy to stay at your place
[Screencap (click to open)]Jack & Teal'c

Kissed the hot guy who'll give you a new home
[Screencap (click to open)]3rd kiss

Offered a friend-with-benefits the keys to your apartment
[Screencap (click to open)]keys
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