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STARGATE FAN ART “Once Upon a Whip” Sam/Jack pulp fiction book cover

I made a graphic I first posted at sj_everyday for Weekly Challenge #2 "Once Upon a Time":
FANTASTIC ADVENTURES Stargate Sam/Jack pulp cover
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“Once Upon a Whip” pulp fiction book cover
Sam/Jack Alternate Universe (fantasy)
based on August 1941 "Fantastic Adventures"

This issue contains "Once Upon a Whip," a thrilling tale of derring-do about Sir Jonathan, a knight errant on the quest to rescue a damsel in distress from a mysterious, enchanted wood. Yet the beautiful Samantha unexpectedly resists such condescending gallantry and instead tames his martial spirit with the delicious, forbidden charms imbued in a slender braid of leather…

Also included is "Problem on Mars," the suspenseful story of brilliant exobotanist Dr. Janet Fraiser, who must stay alive for three years in a biodome on the red planet until the next mission to Mars arrives!

"Secret League of Six" follows the exploits of a team of super spies: an astrophysicist, an OSS espionage operative, an archaeo-linguist, a tactical mastermind, a combat pilot, and a gifted weapons smuggler as they pillage and disrupt underdeveloped civilizations across the galaxy...


  • no i didn't write any stories

  • i just wanted to make a pulp paperback cover

  • you're welcome to write fic inspired by this yourself tho

  • haha look at the little skulls i snuck in there

also posted at Deviant Art
Tags: fanart, jack o'neill, samantha carter, stargate sg-1

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