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STARGATE: BOFQ "Searching" for fic

Too lazy to post these on stargate_search  or sgastoryfinders :

DESPERATELY SEARCHING for that Sam/Jack story where Sam is a virgin when she & Jack you know DO IT for the first time and she cries a lot because she never thought she was worthy of Jack's LUV.

Also in desperate need of that Jack/Daniel story where Vala is a ball-busting bitch and Daniel must assure Jack in the woobiest way possible that nothing will come between them.

I seem to have lost the link to that story where Jennifer Keller gets killed violently so that Rodney & John can finally hook up and prance around Atlantis making goo-goo eyes while groping each other and cooing cutesy nicknames.

Has anyone read that completely unique story of Vala trying to get Daniel to stop translating something so he can take her shopping or watch a Disney movie?

Damn, I can't remember where I saw that Gen story where Classic Team defeats a moustache-twirling Goa'uld, Teal'c says "indeed", Sam spews techno-babble, Daniel saves the day with diplomacy and prevents Jack from blowing shit up. Or maybe that was an episode. :p

[Otherwise known as "the list of fan fiction I don't leave feedback for"]

Tags: *stargate, meta-fanfic, sg-1, sga
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